Diaperis boleti (Linnaeus, 1758)       Vulnerable
Generally quoted as a rare species with records scattered throughout England north to Cumberland. Associated with open woodland, wooded parkland and pasture where its fungal hosts occur, species quoted as hosts are Polyporus squamosus, Laetiporus sulphreus and Piptoporus betulinus (Hyman and Parsons), more especially where these are fruiting on dead or decaying Birch. Adults and larvae consume the fungus, pupation occurs within the fruiting body, the life cycle being completed within a year (Alexander).Adults may occur in numbers within a single fungus . Despite our extensive searching of fungi in suitable local habitats the species has not been found in situ, however they have been attracted to M.V. light on several occasions.

During May 2008 several adults were found in sunshine on the surface of laetiporus sulphureus in Cassiobury park.

7-8mm. Width 4-4.75mm. Very convex, glabrous and black with humeral and subapical transverse orange fascia, apex of elytra excluding sutural striae also orange. Entire upper surface punctate, head more strongly so. Pronotum shining, strongly bordered laterally, less so basally and only at sides of front margins. Elytra with 8 rows of well developed large punctures. Last segment of each tarsus at least as long as remaining segments together, each with two well developed claws.

Description from 1 Watford specimen at X20

Piper, Ent. Rec. J. Var. 119:74-75. Records beating 15 specimens from a single Polypore on dead Betula