Attelabus nitens (Scopoli, 1763)

4.0-6.0mm (Morris, 1990) Shiny black with the pronotum and elytra bright red or reddish testaceous. Antennae relatively short with a proportionately long three segmented club, black with four or five basal segments pale. Eyes convex and prominent. Temples long and parallel or widening towards base. Dorsal surface of rostrum and vertex of head coarsely and sparsely punctured, base of vertex transversely furrowed. Rostrum dilated towards apex. Pronotum slightly transverse and smoothly rounded with no sign of front angles from above, without lateral borders, base straight. Scutellum black, quadrate and large. Elytra much broader at base than base of pronotum, with rows of wide shallow punctures although these can be confused, interstices with scattered large punctures. Legs long and slender; femora clavate, inner edge of tibiae denticulate. Male with a single internal tooth at apex, female with two.