ID Aids
Here we display pairs or groups of morphologically close species, seeing these together can highlight diagnostic features but just as importantly we hope to show how infraspecific variation can negate the usefulness of characters which might initially seem objective. Comparing a specimen with type material is the best way either to identify or to suggest whether further work e.g. dissection is necessary but as most of us do not have access to a reference collection we are providing what we consider to be the next best thing i.e. colour photographs along with specific guidance.

We also attempt to achieve a broader usefulness by displaying characters used in established keys where we have found these to be ambiguous

For those without extensive experience of identifying Coleoptera a read through the identification discussion in the Techniques section will be useful before embarking upon the following examples.

Specimens pictured on the following pages have been identified by the WCG, that is to say that from whatever source the specimens originated, unless otherwise stated, they have been verified by Mr. D.Hodges and/or Mr. D.Murray.
Species Pairs