Myrrha octodecimguttata (Coccinellidae)

We are an association of coleopterists meeting regularly to share our experiences of the wildlife of the Watford area focusing on a 5 mile radius of Watford Junction BR station.

The purpose of our site is to share the pleasure and intellectual fulfillment gained through the study of one aspect of this, namely Coleoptera, and to encourage enthusiasm for the subject in others. Although not professionals we sincerely believe through such sharing we can provide a valuable service and motivate others so that in future those becoming interested might enjoy something approaching the wealth of information currently available on-line to lepidopterists through the many sites, both local and national, devoted to their subject.

All aspects of Coleoptera are considered e.g. identifying, collecting, literature and equipment. By including photographs of set specimens from our own reference collections we hope to provide help with groups we have found difficult or ambiguous and to this purpose we welcome input from those with worthwhile material to contribute. We welcome discussion on any aspect of coleoptera and hope this will provide a forum for those who consider their ideas too trivial to put forward for publication in a scientific journal. By arrangement we are willing to look at specimens and provide identifications or advice.

What's New     Last updated 13th May 2017
New Photos today;
Megarthrus depressus, Othius subuliformis and Philorinum sordidum (all Staphylinidae).

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