Tetratoma fungorum/Triplax aenea
Although ostensibly similar to the beginner in size shape and colour, certainly in the field, these two species are easily separated by several obvious characters.

Antennal Club
Both species have a well defined antennal club. In Triplax aenea three segmented, in Tetratoma fungorum four segmented.

Elytral Puncturation
In Triplax the puncturation is arranged in well defined striae, in Tetratoma the puncturation is completely random without any obvious striae.

Elytral Colouration
In our experience, admittedly based on local specimens only, the elytra of Triplax is bright blue, whereas in Tetratoma the elytra appear almost black but with a definite dark blue metallic reflection but not the bright blue of Triplax.

Triplax aenea Tetratoma fungorum