Neocrepidodera transversa/ferruginea
The red colour and fovea and transverse furrow on the pronotum make this genus pretty unmistakeable. They could be confused with Sphaeroderma however this genus have a punctured pronotum with no fovea or transverse line.
The easiest and most obvious way of separating these two species is the elytral puncturation. In transversa the puncturation is irregular whereas in ferruginea it is clearly regular forming very obvious striae. When comparing specimens of the two species the difference is very apparent however the puncturation in transversa does have a tendency to form rows and until you have actually seen ferruginea it is very easy when examining an isolated specimen of transversa to talk oneself into the existence of rows. Hopefully this page will prevent this.

N.transversa Elytra

N.ferruginea Elytra