Town Centre
    While never intended to be a focus of attention for recording purposes Watford town centre has proved to be an interesting location, impossible to ignore. Several localities host a wide range of beetle species e.g. St Mary's churchyard and gardens contain a wide range of trees and shrubs and the ornamental pond in the high street hosts waterlilies and a range of sedges and rushes. Many specimens are found on shop windows or walls, most likely attracted nocturnally to light. Behind Watford market the ramp leading down to the underpass is illuminated by a series of powerful U.V lights which, until the last two years or so attracted large numbers of moths and beetles, specimens still occur and it is always worth a look. Wasteground, with its attendant wide range of vegetation, has all but disappeared in recent years which is a shame as this was always a rich source of records but there are many town centre gardens and with the Colne valley linear park (Radlett road) to the north and east, Oxhey park on the eastern end of the high street, Watford fields to the south and Cassiobury park to the west this site will always be an interesting on for coleopterists.

Pictures supplied by Conall Murray (Junior Member)

St Mary's churchyard

High street pond
Species List Comments
Ochina ptinoides  
Rhagonycha fulva  
Amara aenea  
Amara ovata  
Amara plebeja  
Bradycellus verbasci  
Dromius quadrimaculatus  
Harpalus rufipes  
Nebria brevicollis  
Notiophillus biguttatus  
Pterostichus madidus  
Trechus quadristriatus  
Grammoptera ruficornis  
Prionus coriarius  
Rutpela maculata  
Chrysolina oricalcia  
Phaedon tumidulus  
Adalia bipunctata  
Adalia decempunctata  
Calvia quattuordecimguttata  
Coccinella septempunctata  
Exochomus quadripustulatus  
Harmonia axyridis  
Myrrha octodecemguttata  
Rhyzobius litura  
Subcoccinella vigintiquattuorpunctata  
Barypeithes pellucidus  
Curculio venosus  
Euophryum confine  
Otiorhyncus clavipes  
Otiorhyncus sulcatus  
Phyllobius pomaceus  
Dorcus parallelipipedus  
Meligethes aeneus  
Oedemera lurida  
Pyrochroa serraticornis  
Amphimallon solsticiale  
Aphodius fossor  
Aphodius rufipes  
Anotylus rugosus  
Creophilus maxillosus  
Staphylinus dimidiaticornis  
Tachyporus hypnorum  
Lagria hirta