With two British species; Biphyllus lunatus (Fabricius) and Diplocoelus fagi (Chevrolat). Formerly included within Erotylidae but distinct in having raised ridges on the pronotum parallel to the side margin and lacking any bilobed hind tarsal segments. They are elongate-oval, very convex and rather sombre insects, punctate and pubescent throughout. 2.7-3.5mm. Antennae 11 segmented and distinctly clubbed, inserted under front margin of head. Pronotum transverse with a row of small curved setae clearly visible (X20) along the elytral margins. Elytra with regular rows (including scutellary) of deeply impressed punctures, epipleurs distinct. Tarsi 5-5-5 with last segment elongate, each with two simple claws.

Both species are associated with fungi growing on trees.

Biphyllus is distinctive. Diplocoelus with the above characters, head and thorax reddish, elytra dark with base reddish. Antennae and legs lighter red. Both species key out in Joy's handbook; Biphyllus (as Diphyllus) in Nitidulidae and Diplocoelus in Cryptophagidae. As described above both species can be named with confidence.

Biphyllus lunatus Biphyllus lunatus Biphyllus lunatus Biphyllus lunatus Biphyllus lunatus