Parabathyscia wollastoni (Janson, E.W., 1857)

1.5-2mm. Of a distinctive and unique appearance. Entirely light to dark testaceous, Elytra sometimes darker than forebody. Upper surface rather shiny with fine puncturation and dense very fine recumbent pale or golden pubescence. Antennae relatively long; two basal segments much longer than others, 7 elongate and so contrasting against the short and transverse eighth segment, 9-11 forming a gradual club. Side margin of head expanded apically to a sharp point, when the head is retracted the anterior margin of this projection forms a continuous edge with the anterior margin of the pronotum. Eyes absent or barely suggested. Pronotum convex with lateral margins rounded to slightly obtuse front angles (not visible from above). Hind margin arcuate to backwardly projecting acute hind angles. Scutellum large, broadly triangular. Elytra slightly narrower than and about twice the length of the pronotum, sides weakly curved, subparallel. There may be a trace of an impressed stria alongside the suture, side maragins bordered. Legs relatively long, femora broad and robust, tibiae with a few fine spines on outside edge. Tarsi 5-5-5, long and slender

Description from 2 Watford specimens at X40